Horn Necklace Dark Medium

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Artikelnummer: MoJh002

This beautiful Horn Necklace you wear easily because of the light weight.

The Necklaces are made from treated Horns from domesticated Water Buffalo and Cows from suppliers who source the horns from Government Licensed Abattoirs.

Medium length is 50 cm (measure from your Neck and down and you get an idea of where the necklace will end up at your chest)

Note, the necklaces difference in colors from each other and from the images. Dark means that it’s mostly darker pieces and Light is mostly light pieces.


Horn Necklace Dark Long
600 SEK 1 200 SEK
Horn Necklace Light Medium
550 SEK 1 100 SEK
Horn Necklace Light Short
500 SEK 1 000 SEK